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Java is a well designed programming language because of its simplicity and robustness. However, the performance is slow since we run the program in another "simulator". In jdk, the name convention is designed to make sense. Therefore, it is very easy for a new programmer to learn. It also enable us to do the complicated project. The object oriented design is the only feature that can enable us to solve the problem when the problem becomes more and more complicated in reality. We have C++ STL share library that provided us many classes in C++. However, it is not centralized in comparing with Java language. Moreover, STL is not quite object oriented in its design, and the name convention for class or method are also terrible. Therefore, We need a C++ library which make the java programmer easily adapt their programs to C++ program. The library will provide exactly same object hierarchy as Java language. We are going to following the the object design as in JDK.

Kejian Jin 2002-02-20