Java-Like C++ library is now in process



In the programming world, you might notice that C++ language did not provide many libraries for programmers since it is built based on C language. There are a standard template library that is designed to provide certain utilities such as Link list, vectors, etc. However, the design is not a complete object oriented. The name convention of these libraries is also terrible, lots of method name do not make sense unless you check the reference.  In contract, Java Development Kit provides us a complete objected oriented design model, it categorizes the classes into different folders so that the user can easily find out where they are. The method name is so well named that the programmer don't need to spending lots of time in memorizing the method. However several drawbacks in Java language makes that language not appropriate for developing high speed software.  Why can we have the well designed shared library in C++ as in Java?  Please join us to develop a open-sourced shared C++ library!  Please contribute your effort to this library. If you want to join us, please email me with your sourceforge login name. 

Sourceforge project:



Email:  kjin@cs.ucla.edu SourceForge